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We offer a wide variety of IT, AV and Digital Signage services

Our Service

Maasck design IT, AV and Digital Signage for offices, lobbies, restaurants, and shopping centres, for passionate people, who,  apart frim choosing high stadards of technology and design, can see the beauty in its application.

Our employees are well aware of importance of proper preparation, execution, and implementation of projects.Every investor whose goal is to complete a project successfully should allow to work with us.

We deal with the aspects of professional IT, AV and Digital Signage services

About us

Maasck employees are partners in many of the worl’s  leading enterprises, SMEs, and technology challenges. We help businesses raise their value through our custom programming AV I Digital Signage. Preparing IT services for the clients and delivering the best employee from the market.



The core of our company is made up of more than 11 experts who carry out projects and introduce procedures in cooperation with our clients

Quick Support

We'll help you test bold new ideas by sharing our knowledge and experience with you.

How Maasck helps you grow and succeed while maintaining a safe working environment

Point of Departure (POD) Analysis

where we are

Determination of POA (Point of Arrival)

where we want to be

Assessment of gaps between business and technology

including risks to the company

Mapping of the development / change path for business & IT or cyber security

high-level roadmap

Explore recent projects

We make connections

Outsourcing business development and cybersecurity is just a tool to achieve business goals. However, valuable results cannot be achieved without cooperation and trust between Maasck and its Customers

Experts with experience


Our teams are involved in many interesting projects, during which they establish long-term relationships with our clients and become a natural resource for our clients’ future projects. Bet on our qualifications and choose the Employee who will complete your project or bet on the whole crew and put yourself in the hands of a harmonious team.

  • IT:
  • Agile Coach Master
  • System and Business Architects
  • Project Managers
  • DevOps
  • Java Developer
  • Manual / Automation Testers
  • UX Designers
  • Cybersecurity Consultant
  • Grafic Designer
  • APP & Servers Administrators
  • C++ Developer
  • .NET Developer
  • Front-end Developer
  • Dynamics 365 Consultant
  • AV & DS:
  • AV & DS Designers
  • System Architects
  • CRESTRON Programmers
  • AMX Programmers
  • EXTRON Programmers
  • Cost Managers
  • Installation Coordinator
  • Installers
Trusted From

+ 50 Clients

Best practices from experts in the IT, AV and Digital Signage industry.

We have created a culture that allows our employees to assimilate consciously into the structure of our clients' project work.

Clients about us

"Great team to work with, they understood my requirements and helped me go live within hours, and delivered the results ahead of schedule."
Bartłomiej Mikuła LEDLIVE - A leading company in the LED Screen industry throughout Europe and the Middle East.

We deliver solutions with the goal of trusting relationships

Business case

AsIs business analysis / ToBe business process update / Roles and responsibilities / Analysis and development of target solution topology

Solution design

Development of changes in the standard financial and accounting software / Adaptation of MyKseF to the current financial system / Verification and error handling / Periodical reports / Development and updating of roles and responsibilities in the systems

UAT Training and Testing

End-user training / EndToEnd test support / Production start-up / System stabilization

Preparing for GoLive

Post-implementation support / System development

System support and development

Maintenance / Software or service development

How can we help You ?
Headquarter - ul. Piękna 24/26A I 00-549 Warsaw I Poland 
Commercial Office - Mergelven 645464 PW Veghel | Netherlands

Maasck Sp. z o.o. z siedzibą w Warszawie, wpisana pod numerem KRS: 0001002721 do Rejestru Przedsiębiorców, prowadzonego przez Sąd Rejonowy dla miasta stołecznego Warszawy, XIII Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego; wysokość kapitału zakładowego: 5 000 PLN.

  • KRS: 0001002721
  • NIP: 701-111-51-99
  • REGON: 523695017


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